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The most desirable objective of any information system is the controlled sharing of information across that system in a way that is transparent to the users. In most cases this requires flawless interoperation of different complex systems to achieve that goal. So, whether the shared information is data, graphic, or messaging, effective connectivity through the system, must begin with an effective well-conceived architecture within the hardware and software platforms. We are well versed in the planning, installation, and administration of those underlying platforms that will support the business system.



Our experience in networking and connectivity includes:

  •     Windows NT 4.0/XP/2000/2003 installation and support
  •     Netware 3.X / 4.X installation and support
  •     Internet connectivity (TCP/IP, router installation, Proxy Server)
  •     MS Exchange Server (single site and multiple site configurations)
  •     MS SQL Server (setup, design, programming)


NT 4.0 /XP/ 2000 /2003
Numerous installations in all shapes and sizes. Client and server side initial and ongoing administration
Includes multiple domain setups, internet connectivity (Proxy Server), RAS, hardware design, DNS , WINS setup
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 / 7.0 / 2000
Installation, optimization , and web integration. Have developed many SQL Server based applications, with VB front ends, as well as intranet/internet/extranet sites.
Database optimization and design, hardware configuration, OLTP and OLAP configurations
Microsoft Exchange Server
MS Exchange installation and support. Customized communications solutions based on Exchange.
Exchange integration / connectivity to internet and other email systems
Projects have included, NT and NetWare connectivity,NetWare to mainframe connectivity, GroupWise email, and WAN design.
Netware for SAA / NDS setup

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