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.NET (DOTNET) Programming And Development

 The latest technology in computers is the .NET. It provides services to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software. It has been integrated across the Microsoft platform, .NET technology gives customer the ability to quickly build, organize, control, and use connected security-enhanced solutions with Web services. It not only enables businesses to integrate their systems more rapidly but also in a more responsive manner. Moreover it helps them realize the promise of information anytime, anywhere, on any device.

It helps to develop and organize a Web service-connected IT architecture. Additionally it also helps in servers to host Web services, development tools to create them, applications to use them, and a worldwide network.

Visual Basic .NET programming is amongst a number of new languages that have been designed specifically for the CLR and the .NET Framework. C# and C++ are the other languages which are making waves in the .NET programming. Like Visual Basic .NET, C# is a language designed exclusively to target the CLR and the .NET platform. However, unlike Visual Basic .NET, C# has been designed to be user friendly to programmers who are already proficient in C and C++.

A latest development in the filed of technology is ADO. The main point of concentration in this regard is to spotlight on the connection of applications to databases of one sort or another. At Paladin there has been considerable development in this field. It has been recognised that ADO.Net needs a few new methods of accomplishing some of the simple tasks of interacting with data. The development of custom programming and software using ADO.Net has been done at great length at Paladin.

At, ASP.Net is the latest technology aside from being part and parcel of the Microsoft .Net framework which is designed to help build web applications. The new ASP.Net technology is intended to carry influential sophisticated web forms and services to a browser independent community. Delivery and transfer of data has been made very fast through binding, managed code. The information delivery and transfer between the client and server has no need of session variables and cookies with ASP.Net programming by Paladin.

VB.NET programming
is an object-oriented computer language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) implemented on the Microsoft .NET framework. It has been developed by Paladin to make custom software for clients successfully. Along with Paladin a great majority of VB.NET programming developers use Visual Studio .NET as their integrated development environment.


This resource provides an insight to Microsoft’s ADO.Net Professional Training.

This resource discusses a course of .Net programming for wireless device.
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