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Web Design and Networking Services

 Web design is part of starting a website and includes web server configuration, writing web applications and server security. It is the art of creating WebPages that are accessible to everyone, using any device. The traditional method of laying out web pages, HTML, is static. Active data driven web site is called dynamic web design. Content can be delivered dynamically using scripting languages that include: ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and Lasso et al as per the user's request. On the other client side scripting works at the user's browser, where the user's capabilities are not known – often achieved through JavaScript.

Obviously, the most desirable objective of any information system is the controlled sharing of information across that system, in a way that is transparent to the users. In most cases this requires flawless interoperation of different complex systems to achieve that goal. So, whether the shared information is data, graphic, or messaging, effective connectivity through the system, must begin with an effective well-conceived architecture within the hardware and software platforms.

Presently there are many companies offering services to their clients. Some of these firms claim to be complete web site designs and development sites designed for doing specialized business. These website design developers provide web design and development services needed to direct and deliver solutions, including strategic direction, business analysis, management, application development and systems integration. Yet there are good companies whose services cover the complete lifecycle of a web initiative that includes web solutions, content development, web design and development, technical support, promotions and maintenance.

Paladin offer a complete line-up of web creation talent for its clients that includes

  •     Image Creation/ Branding
  •     Graphics Design
  •     Copy Writing
  •     Programming and Database Design
  •     Search Engine Optimization

Paladin believes in doing research: analyzing phrases that go in sync with likely customers, quantifying the performance of those phrases with search engines, and analyzing other websites' use of those phrases. Once the message and consumer have been targeted effectively, the message is honed and refined to produce a high-impact impression, which will be memorable and useful to that consumer. Most often this is accomplished through professional quality graphics design, and concise meaningful textual messages. The company is well versed in the planning, installation, and administration of all underlying platforms that will support the business system.

At paladin networking and connectivity includes:

Windows NT 4.0/XP/2000/2003 installation and support
Netware 3.X / 4.X installation and support
Internet connectivity
MS Exchange Server
MS SQL Server

This resource provides an insight to Microsoft’s ADO.Net Professional Training.

This resource discusses a course of .Net programming for wireless device.
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