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NY Custom Software Development
Over the years, NY Custom Software Development has developed a broad variety of software for a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from CRM applications to accounting, to robotics and industrial, to sophisticated financial engineering programs used by global corporations. NY Custom Software Development's software involves a user interface to a database where data can be delivered to a screen, to a browser or to a series of reports. This is attained either by using a client-server model over the Internet or on the in-house local area network. NY Custom Software Development provides expertise in the following languages:

  • .Net Technology
  • C and C++
  • FoxPro and dBase
  • JavaScript and VBScript
  • Java and C#
  • Visual Basic (VB)
  •  SQLServer

Web Development
Web development requires specialized skills to promote and design the website in order to beget traffic. Various reasons like easy navigation, beautiful graphics and many more contribute towards producing the perfect web design. The varied web design development services include copy writing, image creation, web software development, graphic designing, web engineering and lastly programming and database design.

NY SQL Server Consulting
SQL server case changes complex query requirements into simpler and, at times, into efficient SQL statements. SQL Server case lends maximum logical flow in SQL statements instead of being stated in a host language or 4GL program. They enable various types of conditional processing to be placed into a SQL statement. NY SQL Server Consulting deals in accessing and updating SQL Server data more easily and efficiently. It also enables an increased volume of work to be completed using one SQL statement resultantly improving efficiency and decreasing development time.

Database Programming
Database programming aims to reduce the ambiguity of the data and make the whole system user friendly. Database programming has been given a great importance in the recent business environment. This is due to the fact that the need to systematically maintain the data is felt by more or less all the corporate firms. The Database programming services includes database planning, interface designing, capacity strategy formulation, data modeling, and post implementation review.

Database Design and Development
In this highly competitive world of business, complete information about clients, prospective clients, competitors, your products, their products, relationships, financing are very important. Without the  proper tools to manage those information, competing becomes extremely difficult. Database Development involves modeling data that can contain several hundred variables. Sophisticated mainframe database include DB2, and RDB, and database managers such as SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, FoxPro, as well as Microsoft Access and Oracle to ensure that the output delivered conforms to client satisfaction. Microsoft SQLServer and Oracle databases are capable of handling literally trillions of pieces of information about your business and its environment and delivering analyses of them at lightning-like speed at roughly the cost of a new TV set.

SQL Server Indexes
SQL Server is a relational database that uses indexes to search data quickly as and when any query is fed in. Developing proper indexes in SQL shows a dramatic improvement in the performance of an application. With the increase of data the indexes in SQL Server too are updated. If one is using a SQL Server Database then a SQL Server Profiler is a must. This tool helps in  transaction, data updates, data definition change, data recovery and query input. Also any issue related to case in SQL is dealt with proficiently to ensure smooth and enhanced functioning of database system.

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