Paladin Consultants, LLC, an IT and computer consulting firm has consolidated its business with custom software programming.

IT consultants advise businesses on how businesses can best use information technology to achieve their objectives. They also help in implementing, deploying and administering IT systems’ on behalf of the businesses’. They provide software solutions and deliver web services anytime, anywhere.

IT consultants are now building their businesses around custom solutions powered by technology expertise and domain knowledge. Custom software programming is not aimed for the masses but targeted to specific customers. Computer consultants design solutions that are tailored according to the needs of the customer.

Custom software developers create a model of a business that allows their personnel to plan, analyze, and interact with clients and vendors in a way that mimics and predicts that actual behavior of their business. Customized software is more tailored and accurate in manipulating business decisions compared to off-the-shelf products which are more analogous to a mass-produced one-size-fits-all suit.

Successful custom programing depends upon project definition such as customer baseJanuary 25, 2007s profit-generating opportunities, and image requirements. IT consultants combine their custom programming expertise with the customer’s business knowledge to provide that ideal business solution.

Paladin has specialized custom programming and systems design for over 20 years. From CRM applications to accounting, to robotics and industrial to sophisticated financial engineering programs, Paladin has developed a wide variety of software for several businesses. They follow the principles of rapid application development (RAD), and make extensive use of object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques, and libraries of re-useable code. Much of this code, written in various languages, has been developed and tested with previous clients over the past 20 years. As a result it is extremely reliable and guaranteed to function as designed for the life of your project.

They develop programs in all of the standard platforms including C++, VB, Java, and the new .NET platform languages. Some of their software is designed on a stand-alone platform while most of it involves a user interface to a database, where data can be delivered to a screen, a series of reports, or to a browser. This can be accomplished either using a client-server model on the in-house local area network, or over the internet. Using web services to deliver this processed data, either for the masses through the company website, or privately through the company Intranet or Extranet is at the forefront of today's technology. Web designers at Paladin pays attention to all the details that will enable the right customers visit the respective websites of their clients.

Paladin’s success on custom programmig depends upon a few basic principles. They start the planning procedure only after giving a patient hearing to the whole problem. Their solutions are reusable. They lay stress on quality and ensure that a solution is well tested before delivery to the client.