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How to Mine Information on the Web

 Any serious discussion of how to use the web effectively will inevitably center around search tools. Quite simply, ones success in finding information on the web is closely related to ones understanding of the methods of searching. This article is a discussion of techniques for searching that we think will result in more successful searches.

Of course in a commercial vein, many readers of this article might be interested in how to get the search tools to find them. We can help with that, too! Just contact us.


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Word Problems and Puzzles

Excellent problem solving skills are an essential talent for a successful consultant. Many of the skills and methods used to solve the puzzles and word problems presented here are readily applicable to real-world consulting assignments. Some of our clients and friends enjoy these mental exercises as much as we do. After all, all business operate in the same environment: making decisions under uncertainty, and with limited and cryptic information. So we have started an archive of puzzles and problem solving methods here at our website.

In addition, there is a periodic puzzle 'newsletter' that we send to anyone who wants it.
To be included in future mailings, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please put the words 'puzzle list' in the subject; and be sure to include your name, company, address, and email in the body of the message, so we can recognize you for a particularly elegant solution!

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Articles on Database Design

Two articles on database design Database Design and Technical Complexities of Database Design

There is some useful information at with links and articles on client server technology and access to information.

A guide and tutorial on the Rules of Data Modelling and Normalization

Dr. E.F. Codd's 12 Rules for defining a fully relational database.
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.Net Platform Articles

 The ADO.Net Model : ADO.Net is the latest in a series of technologies from Microsoft which focus on the connection of applications to databases of one sort or another.

The ADO.Net Command Object : In a connected mode environment, after a connection is established with the data, the data is manipulated and returned using the command object.

The ADO.Net Connection Object : Either in connected or disconnected mode, the first thing one needs to do is to connect to the database(s). This is accomplished in by creating a connection object that points to the subject database.

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Press Releases

    Computer Consultants for Best IT Solutions : Paladin Consultants, LLC, an IT and computer consulting firm has consolidated its business with custom software programming. More...

    Computer Consultants for Northern New Jersey : Computers are today inseparable parts of our lives. Today we cannot imagine our work environment without computers. But our efficient computers are machines after all and encounter all sorts of technical problems that need to be corrected. More...

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