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1   Link   webreference
Javascript and other web languages
2   Link   Ajax Rain
1163 + Ajax/Javascript/Dhtml examples and demos to download
3   Link   JSLInt
Javascript verifier
4   Link   Smashing Magazine
40 Useful JavaScript Libraries
5   Link
Using jQuery for Background Image Animations
6   Link   Color Powered
A light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery 1.3
7   Link   Ajaxian
Javascript and Ajax
8   Link   Dynamic Drive
Welcome to Dynamic Drive, the #1 place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML & Javascripts to enhance your web site!
9   Link   AJAX APIs Playground
AJAX APIs Playground
10   Link   noupe
a list of the 50 favorite plugins many developers use
11   Link   Ajax Lessons
10 Business Reasons to Use AJAX

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